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Get to Know Us…

Seattle’s Tall Ship operates the schooner Bay Lady. She has the largest passenger capacity of any sailing ship on the west coast, and is the only public sailing cruise in Seattle licensed to serve alcohol and snacks. We think you’ll agree, she is definitely one tremendous boat.

Boasting an impressive 85 foot length, we are the most comfortable sailing experience on Seattle’s beautiful waters. The Bay Lady was custom built for charter sailing in 1989, and therefore is outfitted with plenty of comfortable seating (even with backrests!), two onboard bathrooms, and a robust perimeter railing to keep everyone safe.

The love and attention of the craftspeople who built her resounds in her hull to this day. She features American Ash, Honduran Mohagony and Brazilian Rosewood all varnished to perfection. With a massive 87 foot mast, she is indeed a “tall ship”, and with her cloud of 2500 square feet of sail area she sails nicely in even a gentle breeze. Oh…and she has a cannon. Just sayin’.

Proudly Sailing the Puget Sound

For the past several years, the Bay Lady has been sailing the waters of northern California and the Bay area, and now she’s found her home here on Seattle’s historic waterfront.

We offer daily public sailing tours, including an evening sunset tour, private charters and periodic special event sails. Our public tours are an excellent way to leave the rigors of the day at the shore and are simply a wonderful date night or family activity. Our private charters are perfect for private parties, corporate events, weddings and other special occasions.

Come Sail With Us in Style

Though she’s equipped with a powerful motor, it is rarely used. The massive cloud of sail that the Bay Lady carries in her rig is capable of catching even the slightest of breezes as she glides effortlessly through the water. Sail aboard this incredible tall ship and be transported in luxury back to the age of exploration in the Puget Sound, where the thunder of cannons echoed in the air and traditional sailing craft explored our picturesque shorelines.

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